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What Size Mattress Is Right For You?

What Size Mattress Is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing a new mattress especially for the master bedroom, the rule is “the bigger the better”. Research has shown that people sleep better on larger size mattresses than smaller ones, especially if there are two people sharing the bed. Having the room to “move around” while sleeping will give you less interruptions in your sleep cycle and give you a more restorative REM sleep.

Because of this research, we recommend that it is best to select the biggest size mattress that your room will allow comfortably. If you have a certain size bed frame already in the master bedroom you can either stick with that size or possibly move that bed frame into another room, say a guest room, and that will allow you to upgrade the size of the mattress for your room.

Most people think that a king size mattress is a lot bigger than a queen size mattress and could never fit into their room, but the truth is a king size mattress is the same length as a queen size and only 8″ wider on either side of the bed (for a total difference of only 16″ in the width).

This same rule also holds true for a guest room mattress where a queen size will be more comfortable for guests than a full size if the room will allow it.

When talking with one of our SleepZone “sleep experts” we will advise you honestly so you can make an informed decision as to which mattress size will work the best for you.

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