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How Your Back Pain and Your Mattress are Connected

How Your Back Pain and Your Mattress are Connected

Most people deal with back pain at some point in their life. Sometimes back pain is sudden which can be rather confusing if you haven’t had a recent injury. What is causing your back pain if you haven’t changed anything in your daily schedule? Well, it could just be your mattress.

Here are some clues that may help let you know that your mattress is causing you back pain.


#1 You are sore when you wake up. This is the obvious first clue. If when you first wake up you notice your back pain, but it goes away after you stretch and get moving around, then that is a sign that the mattress you have been laying on all night is not really supporting your spine.


#2 You are restless at night. If you find yourself tossing and turning and/or waking up frequently throughout the night, then that is also a sign that your mattress isn’t giving you enough support. Waking up frequently prevents your body from completing an entire sleep cycle. To have the best functioning mental and physical health it is important that your body has a good night’s rest.


#3 Your mattress is old. If you have an old mattress, especially if the mattress isn’t a great quality one, it may no longer offer the support that it once did. Mattresses sag as they age. If you have a low-grade or older mattress, you may find yourself sleeping on something that’s curvy and that sags rather that a bed that’s flat and comfortable. Mattresses do not last forever and usually cheaper beds wear out sooner that more expensive beds. Your mattress will not get any better and neither will your sleep; you’ll need to invest in a new mattress to get the support your body needs.


And when choosing a mattress remember that there is no one size fits all. Some people sleep better on a firmer surface and others on something more soft. Our Sleep Experts at The SleepZone Mattress Centers are trained to help you find the right bed that fits your sleep needs based on your comfort level, your sleep position and your budget.

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