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Are Adjustable Beds Worth the Cost?

If you have been mattress shopping lately, the salesperson probably talked to you about getting an adjustable base. And one of the questions we often get asked is “Are adjustable beds worth the cost?”

Lets weigh the pros and cons. There are not that many cons (the price being sometimes a reason people pause) however, there are many benefits.


  • If you sleep on your back, an adjustable bed frame gives you the ability to elevate your head and feet for a more comfortable sleep position. Some even offer a zero gravity setting to take pressure off your back by closely simulating weightlessness. Check it out here.

  • Does your partner complain about your snoring or do you have acid reflux? Being able to raise your head can help ease these problems.

  • Circulatory problems like restless legs happen when blood isn’t able to flow freely throughout your body and to your limbs. And adjustable base give you the option of bending your knees and raising your head while you sleep to allow blood circulation to improve.

  • Do you like to read before bed? You can use your adjustable bed to sit in a more comfortable upright position to read at night (and even to watch a little tv too).

  • If you have an injury or ailment that makes getting out of bed difficult, having an adjustable base will help you get in and out of bed with more ease.

As you can see, the pros of an adjustable base outweigh the cons. Yes, they do cost more than a traditional bed frame but you get so many benefits with that extra cost. As we see it, you spend about 1/3 of your day in bed so shouldn’t you be as comfortable as possible while you are there? Stop by one of our locations today and try one out for yourself.



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