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What to Expect from Your New Mattress

What to Expect from Your New Mattress

All mattresses manufactured in the United States are hand-assembled, sometimes resulting in unique characteristics which may include but are not limited to skipped threads, contoured seams, etc. These production characteristics in no way affect the manufacturer’s warranty or the physical performance of the mattress. We recommend the use of a mattress pad or encasement for all new mattresses to protect the surface fabric from damage, spills, and/or stains, as these will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Give It Some Time

Your new mattress will probably feel a little firmer than it did in the showroom. This is normal. It often takes up to 4 weeks for our bodies to adjust to the improved support of a new mattress as well as soften the padding a little.

Body Impressions

Padding layers on the top of new mattresses usually begin to form to your body immediately. Because of this, you may experience slight body impressions as a result. This is normal and does not reflect a defective mattress. Body impressions can be reduced, but not completely eliminated by following a monthly rotation schedule.


In order to provide the best performance, a new mattress needs a strong foundation beneath it. If you did not purchase a foundation (box spring) be advised that improper support for your new mattress will eventually cause it to sag and may invalidate your warranty. King and queen mattress sets also require a frame with middle center support.

Thicker Mattresses

Some of today’s mattresses are built much thicker than in years past so your new mattress set may be higher off the ground than your previous set and your existing sheets may not fit as well. To solve these challenges, you may need deep pocket sheets that are designed for thicker mattresses. Also, The SleepZone provides low profile boxes that will reduce the overall height of your new mattress set by four inches.

New Mattress Scent

New product odors are common because mattresses are made and packaged in a sealed plastic bag immediately after production. When the sealed plastic bag is first opened you may notice a scent that comes from the new materials and foams. While some people notice the scent, it is not harmful and should dissipate within a few days. To help speed up the process, you can air out your mattress prior to putting your sheets on.

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