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Tips to Get A Cooler Night’s Sleep

Tips to Get A Cooler Night’s Sleep

Summer is here for the next few months. And with the heat rising we want to help you get a cooler night’s sleep. And if you’re sleeping next to a partner, the odds of waking up hot (and staying wide awake) are much higher. It’s hard to fall asleep when you are too warm and you actually get better sleep when your body is at a cooler temperature. So here are some ways you can ensure a cooler night’s sleep. 

Take a shower.

By taking a cool or even lukewarm shower you can lower your core body temperature before bed. Not only will you feel cooler when you lay down, you’ll feel cleaner too. 

Cotton Sheets.

Second, to sleep cooler let’s look at your sheets. Cotton sheets that are lighter in color not only look cooler but their breathability will help with ventilation while you sleep.  And the better your sheets breathe the more body heat they release instead of trapping it under the covers.

Keep your room dark.

Yes, it’s tempting to open the shades on a sunny day to let the light in, but in doing this you are heating up your room. Once your room is heated during the day it will take longer to cool down at night. Try keep the shades closed in your room during the day especially when the sun is shining directly in your windows. This will help you keep your room cool for when you are ready to fall asleep. 

How about a fan?

Keeping a small fan on the nightstand can help you have a gentle breeze throughout the night. If you don’t want the fan that close to your face, place it somewhere in the room so it is positioned to blow across the bed during the night. 

What are you sleeping on?

In 2020, mattress technology is here to help you get a cooler night’s sleep. There are pillows that are breathable which will help release any body heat coming from your head. There are also cooling mattresses that are designed to keep you cool throughout the night. Check out our Sealy Chill mattresses and our Tempur-Pedic Breeze beds that will keep you up to 8 degrees cooler throughout the night. 

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