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Can Mattress Review Sites Be Trusted?

Can Mattress Review Sites Be Trusted?

If you are searching for a new mattress online, then you have probably come across many different mattress review sites. You go online to search for the best mattress and you come across a link that reads “Best Mattresses of 2021.” Well, it looks like someone has already done the work for you. So you head to that site and probably see a list of reviewed mattresses. Most likely these mattresses are from online only mattress companies (bed in a box style mattresses). They also have links to purchase each reviewed bed and often lead you to believe you can get a deal if you click on the link from their review site.

But can these review sites be trusted?

What exactly makes these kinds of review sites experts in mattress testing? Do they have a lab that tests the firmness and foam density of each bed? Have they tested to see if beds will keep their durability over time? How exactly can you judge comfort as some people prefer a softer feel while others prefer a more firm comfort level? Every person is different so comfort is more about testing a bed for yourself. 

Furthermore an in depth analysis has been done of many of these sites and the results are alarming. Many of these Best Mattress Review sites do not have the consumers best interest in mind. They were not created to help the general public make the best decision about purchasing a mattress. 

Many of these sites were created to make money.

You see, mattress companies will often pay a spiff, or commission if you will, for each time a mattress purchase is made from someone who clicked the link on the mattress review site. So of course, these sites have an incentive for giving a higher ranking to the sites that pay them more money. These types of dishonest and unethical sites cannot be trusted.

So what is the average mattress consumer to do if you cannot trust many mattress review sites? One thing you can trust is actual consumer reviews. No, not random ads on youtube where the “consumer” is recommending a bed just because a company sent them the mattress for free. Google reviews of specific products are a good starting point. 

Next, trust your locally owned mattress store. Go to your locally owned mattress store and speak with an associate. Make sure it’s someone who has been in the bed industry for a few years. A good mattress sales associate will ask you questions and get you to try out many beds to make sure you are getting the right bed for your budget and comfort level.

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