Review by Christy Kibelbek

Totally amazing! Both the service and bed! My husband and I suffered from lower back pain. We are only in our thirties and knew we needed to do something. The personal, friendly and helpful owner and staff of The SleepZone helped us make a informed decision. They did not "SELL" us anything. We asked questions and they LISTENED and gave us help. We needed a better bed but an adjustable frame to position our bodies better the relieve the pain. At the store we felt it IMMEDIATELY! We have had our new mattress and adjustable frame for 2 months now and we both are PAIN FREE. Everyday. The prices are great and affordable. Just think how much time you spend in the bed...... So try it! They are helpful and not pushy!! Promise!

Review by S Lewis

This dealer was full of information about the different kinds of mattresses and asked lots of questions to see what kind would be best for us. The salesman did not push us into making a quick decision. We spent almost 3 hours looking and lying down on lots of models and we bought the Tempur Pedic Queen Cloud Luxe with the Queen Deluxe adjustable base, it even has massage on it. This is the third mattress we have bought from this dealer in the approximately the past 15 years. It you are looking to buy a mattress check with The Sleep Zone before you buy.

Review by Rob Bailey

I just bought my second mattress from Thomas at The SleepZone and I couldn't happier. During both transactions, I was treated with kindness and respect, and I am very pleased with the products that they offer. Nothing was pushed on me at any point during the process and the pricing, etc. was explained thoroughly with no hidden charges. Delivery was very quick (same day) and the gentlemen that delivered my mattress were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend The SleepZone for your mattress needs. They have a lifelong customer in me.

Review by Bill Dugger

My name is William Dugger.The store was very neat and clean. The salesman acknowledged us at once. He was with another customer, and said he would be right with us. He asked what we were looking for, and showed us where to look while he finished with customer. When he came to us, he was very nice. He knew the products very well. It was only a short time and we knew what we wanted. He verified the mattress we wanted by having us try out the two that came with bed. It made our mind up easy. The store had a wide variety of beds and mattresses. WE saved over $1,000.00 at this store verses the other well known brand. I would recommend you check out this store before you even think about any other store if you check other stores, be sure to shop here last and compare.

Review by Edward Wolff

We have been very pleased with Sleep Zone in Johnson City. The salespeople have been friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. From our experience they have not attempted to oversell or be pushy in any way. They listen and respond. We jus purchased our second mattress from them. The delivery was timely. Those who delivered the mattresses were friendly and very efficient.

Review by Annis Evans

We bought our Tempur-Pedic from The Sleep Zone in 2007. This past December, a week before Christmas, one of the legs on the mattress frame broke which in turn caused 3 of the 4 legs to break. I called The Sleep Zone to see if they had a frame that I could purchase to replace the broken frame. When I went to the store to pick up the frame, Tom and I were talking about Tempur-Pedics in general and how much my husband and I had enjoyed the bed and as we talked, he asked more questions about the frame and how it had broken, etc. He said, depending on how it broke, it might be fixed without having to use the $80+ frame I had bought. Tom said he would make some phone calls and get more information for me. A couple of days later, my husband and I went back to the store with the broken frame so Tom could see exactly what had broken and why. As it turned out, the mattress should have been on casters when it was installed in 2007 and never attached to the bed using the frame at all. Tom looked at the original receipt and saw that they had installed it using the system that had broken and he said that the store would put the casters on and hopefully not have to use any parts from the frame that I had bought and I could get a refund. And, that is what happened. The warehouse manager came to our house and installed the casters and now the bed sits a little higher and actually looks better, and my husband and I both think the bed sleeps even better than before. I took my receipt by the store yesterday and got a full refund on the new frame that was returned. We received exemplary service from Tom and Mark that we never would have gotten at a big box store. We had assumed the bed was installed correctly back in 2007, but when Tom and Mark realized the mistake, they took the necessary steps to correct the problem and they did it graciously, with no hassle to us. Our next mattress will definitely come from The Sleep Zone, but since we have the Tempur-Pedic, we probably won't be in the market for a new mattress for another decade at least. THANK YOU Mark and Tom!!

Review by Ron Walton

Today was our first ever visit to Sleepzone. Great experience. Thomas was extremely knowledgeable about mattresses and was a great help. Highly recommend the Sleepzone.

Review by Garry Shipley

Purchased full and twin mattress and full box platform from Mark for bunk bed system in guest cabin at end of Nov 2013. It was delivered next day as promised. When I got home I saw the full platform would not work because of too little space on the bottom bunk. I had not measured and just assumed it would work. I called Mark and explained the situation. He understood and agreed to refund the price of the platform. I delivered it back to him and was refunded the full price, no problem. This is a good place to do business. The sales folks are very courteous and reasonable. I had previously purchased last year a Comfort-Aire mattress for my wife and I and had a similar good experience. The Comfort-Aire mattress has been great. I would recommend SleepZone Mattress Center in Johnson City to anyone looking for a new mattress system.

Review by Irvin Jones

mething more comfortable to sleep on. Mark was very helpful and went over and beyond what was expected to make sure we were satisfied. She tried out quite a few before she found one she was happy with. Mark even went out of his way to switch a few things around to make sure she was satisfied. They are great to do business with and have great prices. Thanks again Mark, you were friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. Stan Jones and Mary Reeves

Review by K Harris

We where very impressed with our salesman Thomas Ray he was not pushy and answered all of our question. We looked at several mattresses and narrowed it down to two. Thomas then told us the difference between the two. We went with the Perfect Contour 5000 with the Reverie adjustable base and we love it I am sleeping the best I have in years. I feel like I'm 10 years younger !!!!!!

Review by Andy Sabisch

Past experiences when looking for mattresses have been less than positive thanks to high pressure sales staff and limited selections . . . but having just relocated to the Johnson City area and needing a replacement mattress, I asked around for recommendations and The SleepZone came up more than once. Stopping in, Thomas was very helpful and explained the differences between several models and in the end, the one that bets fit my needs was not the most expensive one on display . . . . in fact, just the opposite. There's something of note . . . the sales staff not pressing you to go with the most expensive model in the store! No pressure, understandable answers and a smooth checkout process sets The SleepZone apart from other stores I have been in over the past 30 years. Once we get moved in, we will need another 2 sets and I know where we will be getting them!

Review by Shanjctn Girish

In October 2013, we bought Dr. Breus two twin XL synergy mattresses for our king size bed from SleepZone mattress centers in Johnson City, TN. My husband and I had spent lot of time reading reviews online about all different brand mattresses. But The owner of the store, Mark Matteau was a great help for us to decide on mattress that fit our criteria. The mattresses we have purchased has latex and it is medium firm yet soft enough. We had king size Stearns and Foster brand mattress for 11 years but there is absolutely no comparison between Dr. Breus brand to regular mattress. My husband and I have been getting good night sleep every night. Thanks to Mark at SleepZone for helping us.

Review by G Wanzor

We're moving to the Tri-Cities area and made our 2nd trip to the Sleep Zone (on Bristol Highway) in Johnson City today. Met Tom (Co-Manager) on our first visit and Mark (Owner) during our second visit. Both visits were a pleasure !!! No pressure, answers to ALL our questions -and- the ability to try out/compare all their mattresses. Great prices and superior service, from Mark and his staff !!! - G. Wanzor

Review by Janice Dugger

Bought a adjustable base from Mark at The SleepZone this morning. Very pleasant experience, especially after comparing with Ashley Home Furnishings. Mark was friendly and helpful, but no high pressure. Informative and knowledgeable about the product, with fair pricing and willing to give us a deal! We will definitely return to The SleepZone with future mattress needs, and would recommend them to friends!

Review by Jason Smith

Tom was very helpful. He helped me pick out a bed and it was delivered the next day. Overall it was a good experience. We will be purchasing a king size mattress set when we move into our new house in August. I will definitely go see Tom for that purchase!

Review by Amanda Mori

We bought a new Tempur-Pedic mattress at The SleepZone a month ago and I can honestly say it has made so much of a difference. We sleep so much better and no more tossing and turning. The people at The SleepZone really know their stuff and helped us out a lot to find our perfect mattress. They weren't pushy at all and gave us plenty of time to ourselves to try the mattresses out which we really appreciated. Thank you SleepZone! Nate and Amanda Mori

Review by Douglas Fritz

We bought a mattress at The Sleep Zone on Sept. 28, and were very impressed with the way we were treated. We did not feel pressure to buy right away, and we got all of the information we needed as all of our questions — even the redundant ones — were answered patiently. We left The Sleep Zone and were directed to a furniture store to check on a headboard. The owner, Mark Matteau, told us to take our time and think things over. While we were out, we prayed for guidance and found peace in our decision to return to the store. When we got back, we made a final decision on the mattress we wanted, and Mark had us out of the store in a matter of a few minutes with delivery set up about a week later. Everything Mark did from start to finish was professional, and he covered all of the bases. One of the best things he did was not pushing us toward higher-priced mattresses. He even offered the positives about the least expensive mattress in the store, and appeared very willing to sell us that mattress. We look forward to receiving the mattress. My daughter bought a mattress from The Sleep Zone many years ago, and is still satisfied with it. Sincerely, Douglas Fritz

Review by Deborah Bailey

This is 2 full weeks of sleeping on my new Primo bed. I am sleeping all night now without waking up 4 or 5 times. I feel more refreshed and alive when I get up. My husband has a bad back and he is doing much better with this bed and sleeping better as well. We are very pleased with the purchase and should have done it sooner.

Review by Jeff Thompson

upon entering the sleep zone store Mark greeted me and introduced himself as the owner. He was very friendly and showed us the mattresses he had on display in the store. He is very knowledgeable of his product, which impressed me and I bought a mattress that day. I'm Happy with my purchase and feel I got a great deal

Review by Brad Kanner

My wife and I were shopping around for adjustable bed frames at a couple big furniture stores in our area, but we were only looking for 2 twin adjustable base's and the sales people in the big stores lost interest and tried to sell us mattresses and bases. Then we went to The Sleep Zone in Johnson City and talked to Mark, who we found out is the owner. He was immediately helpful,and didn't try to sell us anything we didn't want or need. He listened to what we wanted and solved our problem in just a few minutes. I would highly recommend The Sleep Zone Mattress Center for a great shopping experience. Brad M. Kanner, Watauga, TN

Review by Freddy Marino

We are very happy with our purchase. The owner was very helpful, he encouraged us to take our time evaluating the mattresses we were considering. He was knowledgeable without being pushy or trying to rush us to make the sale.

Review by Bill Copper

We were very pleased with the entire experience with The SleepZone Mattress Center. Mark helped us look at a number of options and gave us a pressure-free environment to decide on the right fit for us. We LOVE sleeping on the mattress and have already seen a difference in the amount and quality of the sleep we've experienced. We highly recommend Mark Matteau and The SleepZone Mattress Center.

Review by Elaine Crawford

After shopping for months for a new mattress set, we were thrilled with the customer service, and knowledge of the product, that we experienced from Tom at The SleepZone Mattress Center on Bristol Hwy. We told him what we were looking for, what our concerns were, and we got honest and extremely helpful information. Still being a procrastinator, we came home and researched the information he gave us, and found everything to be completely accurate. He wasn't at all pushy, and encouraged us to research and take our time. We were very pleased, and I highly recommend this particular store.

Review by Debbie Richards

Stopped by the store one day just looking at mattresses. Spoke with Jim and told him what I was looking for. He was very knowledgeable, upbeat, and energetic. Lead me right away to the perfect fit. He also explained several different ones I wanted to try, but he know his business. The one he recommended I went with. It is fantastic. It was delivered on time by the friendliest men and set up fast. Just a wonderful experience.

Review by Cynthia Carr

Last Friday evening, after checking several other stores around town to find a twin size mattress, it occurred to my husband that we hadn't checked the mattress store on Stone Drive by Lowe's. Just before closing, we stopped in to inquire about what they had available. I was greeted kindly by the owner and another employee. They immediately gave me information about the mattress I needed, told me they didn't have one in stock, but the owner offered to drive a couple miles up to their warehouse to pick it up for me. After telling him I didn't need it until the next morning, he assured me that it would be at the store waiting for us when the store opened the next morning. As promised, the mattress was right there waiting for us. We were very pleasantly surprised with the very reasonable price we paid for the mattress which is very good quality. At all the other stores we checked, we found no prices lower, or better quality mattresses. Based on my experience, I would confidently recommend The SleepZone to any friend or family. The next time I am in need of a mattress The SleepZone will be my first and only stop!

Review by Donna Ford

My husband and I bought a mattress set from Eric yesterday at The SleepZone Mattress Center in Kingsport. He was very knowledgeable about the products. He showed us many different ones as we explored what our needs were. Great sense of humor and very attentive. He made sure we got the mattress that would fit our budget and needs. I am very happy to buy from a "locally owned" store. I hope I don't have any issues going forward, but feel confident they will be met with a prompt resolution. Good job Eric. Donna & Bill ford, Kingsport

Review by Melanie Watson

We had a great experience. We were in a bind where we had gotten a mattress somewhere else and the store didn't not come through with the delivery date they had promised. It was a very critical situation where we were moving a family member into assisted living and we couldn't do that without the bed being there for her to sleep in. We had motivated her to move on that particular day. For those of you that know how hard this is, it would have been really horrible if we had been unable to do that. Jim at SleepZone was extremely understanding and on a day when his delivery people were off, he and the owner of the store met up and delivered the mattress themselves. Unbelievable service, we couldn't be more grateful!

Review by Kathy Williams

My husband and I were needing a new mattress. We weren't sure where to look because we had been to some furniture stores where they follow you around and you can't look in private. We knew Sleep Zone was next to Lowe's on Stone Drive so we said let's give them a try. We are very glad we did. Erik was the salesman we dealt with and he was very helpful and not pushy at all. He asked us what type of mattress we were interested in, we told him and he pointed us in the direction of several we could choose from. Also he left us by ourselves to make our decision but was definitely available to answer our questions. We purchased a mattress from Erik and are very happy with the shopping experience at Sleep Zone.

Review by Sheri Miller

I would highly recommend The SleepZone Mattress Center to anyone who is shopping for a new mattress. Jim Rogers was our salesperson and Jim was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding the perfect mattress for us. Jim was also friendly and "fun" making our shopping experience easy and "stress free". We also met Eric while there and Eric too was very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions we had. You won't go wrong in selecting The SleepZone for all your mattress needs and Jim and Eric will make your shopping experience an "easy" one!

Review by Charlene Shaffer

My husband and I purchased a mattress 2 years ago from the owner Mark, we noticed it sinking on one side so we called sleep zone where we purchased it and they came right out and informed us we had a defective mattress, with it still under warranty we went into Kingsport Sleepzone and Jim greeted us and little did he know what a challenge he would have... this is not a easy task shopping for a mattress, but Mr. Rogers is comical and made it eventful, but he did a fabulous job satisfying my husband and me.. he is very knowledgeable and knows what you need if you give him a little info. I'm sure he will be glad to see us soon.... haha .... Thank you

Review by Dwayne Ross

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a well made inexpensive mattress for the quest bedroom. I went to several locations around Kingsport and found exactly what I was looking for at "The Sleep Zone". Jim Rogers was very knowledgable, courteous and friendly. I explained to him what I was looking for and he led me to three different mattresses that would best suit my requirements. We had family in over the weekend and they were impressed at how well the mattress slept. I would absolutely recommend "The Sleep Zone" and Jim Rogers to anyone wanting to buy a new mattress.